"Located on the edge of the Christian quarter of Bab Touma, the hotel offers a choice of 8 rooms, including the exotically entitled Suleiman the Magnificent suite, set around a traditional Damascene courtyard complete with fountain, orange trees and marble mosaics."
- Hugh Mcleod, Impressions, Inflight magazine of BMED operating as British Airways.


"(Mrs Mamarbachi) spent two years remodelling it, fastidiously replicating ancient techniques of building and craftsmanship. Incredibly, much of the internal artwork remained intact. These frescoes are nearly two hundred years old."
- Jane Hutcheon, Syria- Discovering Damascus, Broadcast in Foreign Correspondent, 01/03/2005


"The cities for boutique hotel (.)it has been the talk of town since work began two-and-and-half years ago, not least because -unusually- it was conceived by a woman."
- Lucy Nichols, Traveller 1/05/2005


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